FSS Fiebig Sport System  multi functional training equipment
MPS 35
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made in Germany

   MPS 35   Fitnessturm

The world’s biggest and most modern fitness system
with 50 functions and studio usual machine distances

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The innovations of the MPS 35 are based on a development and testing time of 10 years. Take yourself a little bit of time and you will see whereby this extraordinary versatile and spectacular fitness machine is characterised.

Station 4 (Machines 7 und 8)   

The MPS 35 integrates 50 fitness machines

(You receive further information for each device by clicking on it)

1.Butterfly Machine 19.Calf Machine lying
2.Upper Back Machine 20.Rowing Machine seated
3.Biceps Curl Machine seated 21.Rowing Machine lying
4.Triceps Machine seated 22.Incline Rowing Machine
5.Lat Pully Machine seated 23.Rowing M. with Leg Press
6.Cable Crossover Machine 24.Endurance Rowing M. seated
7.Leg Curl Machine seated 25.Endurance Rowing M. lying
8.Leg Extension Machine seated 26.Glutaeus Machine lying
9.Chest Press Machine lying 27.Triceps Extension Machine
10.Incline Bench Press Machine 28.Chinning Machine pending
11.Decline Bench Press M. lying 29.Dipping Machine pending
12.Press Behind Neck Machine 30.Abdominal Flexor
13.Shoulder M. seated / standing 31.Press Behind Neck M. pending
14.Multi Position Bench with Foot Rest 32.Shoulder Machine pending
15.Excenter Leg Press seated 33.Shoulder Pulling M. pending
16.Leg Press lying 34.Adductor Machine seated
17.Pull Over Machine seated 35.Abductor Machine seated
18.Calf Machine seated      Color examples

Sketch of the MPS 35

(blue number = machine number)


Space requirement of the MPS 35
compared with 35 single machines in conventional style

          Picture above:    the MPS 35 in a 50 m² large room
          Picture down:     35 single machines in a studio of
357 m²

Die grauen Kreise symbolisieren 35 herkömmliche Einzelgeräte. Die 2 kleinen Kreise sind Raumsäulen.


Economy of the MPS 35

If you want a complete and modern fitness studio with 50 high-tech training devises on limited room, then there is no alternative to the MPS 35. With the MPS 35 you save 90 percent of rent or real estate price.
The capacity of the plant is up to
16 to 20 persons, whereby in each case 8 persons can train at the same time.

50 conventional single machines
MPS 35


300 m²

30 m²

Room size

500 m²

50 m²

Annual rent (12 €/month)
72.000 €
7.200 €
Real estate price (2.200 €/m²)
1.100.000 €
100.000 €
  • You can save about 65.000 € rent every year.
  • You can save about 1.000.000 € real estate price.


General description

The MPS 35 is a complete luxury fitness studio. It offers 50 (genuine!) machines which have compared with conventional studio devices better training characteristics and are easier to handle.

Their development leads to numerous innovations and patents. So arose an unique training plant not only of impressing feature but moreover of equipment and functionality which exceeds other professional training devices or fitness towers.

The MPS 35 unites the advantages of professional machines and combination and avoids their disadvantages.

The heart of the MPS 35 is a central eight corner tower. It contains behind opaque acrylic glass 11 weight magazines of 1600 kg for 8 training positions. Every position has several high-quality individual machines (see sketch above)

The 8 positions are arranged in such distances that the sphere of individuality is similar to conventional studios.

The 50 individual machines are built to support the human anatomy and ergonomics perfectly. They facilitate a training of all muscle groups that is extremely gentle for all joints.

All machines are fast and easy to adjust- mostly with just 2 fingers. The operating devices are clearly arranged and uniformly marked.

The MPS 35 holds hard use. Friction and running noises are minimized by the use of high quality material and ball bearing precision leadings also used in robot technology.

Lineare motion with ball chains           


The MPS 35 sets new standards in the construction of professional fitness machines.

So far, there have been no combined machines or fitness "towers" that could approximate the standard of professional individual machines. Some companies offer multi-trainers with several stations, but they are always simple gadgets with little comfort and no individuality units.

The MPS 35 fills this gap in the market. The 50 machines offer all advantages of modern professional devices and avoid their flaws and disadvantages. They offer every imaginable comfort in training and operating and clearly improve the safety when training.

Fully developed automatic functions and adjusting devices even surpass the standards of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Thus it is possible to regulate the strain of the back or the intervertebral discs directly.

The training-handles adapt automatically to the anatomy, position and movement of the user. This spares the hand, knee, elbow and shoulder joints much better than conventional machines with swivelling or fixed training handles. A sliding about of the cushions is impossible.

Handles, load-arms, seats and back-rests can be adjusted directly from the trainings position with mostly just two fingers.

The gears for power reduction improve the running characteristics of the machines and reduce the inertia of mass of the weights by up to 90 percent.

Excenter-technology adapts the trainings resistor to the physiological power curve of the user. The strength of the excenter effect can be varied individually.


Range of applications of the MPS 35

Sport and wellness hotels of a higher standard
Training camps
Health and strength centres
Olympic bases
Private homes
Sports clubs

Runners of sports and wellness hotels and small health studios must not give up important training machines due to a lack of space anymore, because the MPS 35 unites all standard individual machines in an area of 30 square meters.

The economy of average health and strength studios is often threatened by high trade rents. On the other hand, there is a varied offer of machines necessary for success. If some machines are missing due to a lack of space, there is the risk of members going off looking for a better studio. The MPS 35 is the solution to this problem.

The MPS 35 is also useful for bigger studios that are overcrowded during the "rush hours". Because always different re overcrowded, it is hard to decide which machines need to be added. Often it is impossible to buy another set of all types of machines, due to a lack of space. You can avoid any kind of compromise with the MPS 35.

The MPS 35 is also suitable for private homes as an extraordinary private health studio.

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I Butterfly-Maschine I Upper Back Machine I Biceps Curl Machine seated I Triceps Machine seated I Lat Pully Machine seated I Cable Crossover Machine I Leg Curl Machine seated I Leg Extension Machine seated I Chest Press Machine lying I Incline Bench Press Machine I Decline Bench Press Machine lying I Press Behind Neck Machine I Shoulder Machine seated / standing I Multi Position Bench with Foot Rest I Excenter Leg Press seated I Leg Press lying I Pull Over Machine seated I Calf Machine seated I Calf Machine lying I Rowing Machine seated I Rowing Machine lying I Incline Rowing Machine I Rowing Machine with Leg Press I Endurance Rowing Machine seated I Endurance Rowing Machine lying I Glutaeus Machine lying I Triceps Extension Machine seated / standing I Chinning Machine pending I Dipping Machine pending I Abdominal Flexor I NaPress Behind Neck Machine pending I Shoulder Machine pending I Shoulder Pulling Machine pending I Adductor Machine seated I Abductor Machine seated I
Der größte, modernste und vielseitigste Fitnessturm der Welt! Das beste für Ihre Muskeln und Gelenke! Die Multipowerstation MPS 35 direkt vom Hersteller Fiebig Sport System FSS made in germany: Der weltweit einzige Fitnessturm, der auf nur 30 Quadratmetern Stellfläche den kompletten Maschinenpark eines modernen 350 Quadatmeter großen First-Class-Fitnessstudios mit 35 hochwertigen Einzelmaschinen ersetzt unsere Suchwörter:
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