FSS Fiebig Sport System  multi functional training equipment
MPS 35
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made in Germany

We proudly present

The Multi-power station MPS 35

50 Fitness machines on only 5 x 6 meters

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Advantages of the MPS 35

  1. The MPS 35 substitutes a fitness centre of 500 m²
  2. 450 m² space saving
  3. 90 % fewer real estate costs
  4. Distance of training places 2 meters - as in a Fitness studio
  5. 8 persons can exercise at the same time
  6. It exceeds the standard of even modern professional machines and rehabilitation systems and is protected by several patent applications
  7. The devices are easily, precise and without energy adjustable
  8. Spine, volume disks, chords and joints are preserved because the devices adopt the anatomy, position and movement of the trainers automatically
  9. 200 precision ball bearings and linear guidance from robotics will guarantee first-class training comfort and a high life span
  10. For achievement sport, rehabilitation and private

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Dimensions while in use:   length 6 m    width 5 m

Distance of training places 2 m


Contact and ordering:

phone: +49 (0) 3375 901226, mobile: +49 (0) 160 1266611


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